Vision - Mission

The university vision:

Pioneering Academic and research Excellence and community service.

The university mission:

Offering excellent learning, doing researches that are useful to the community through incentive learning environment, intellectual creativity, local, regional and global partnership.

The university values:

Out of our great religion values and our various, unique Islamic culture, we believe in the following values:-

  • Quality:- we look forward to the application of the highest degrees of quality in all our deeds.
  • Justice:- we look forward to achieving justice and giving equal job opportunities and the fairness in dealing with all with the extreme degrees of honesty and respect and vocational moralities.
  • We work with the soul of one team:- The university breeds the culture of communal teamwork in terms of thinking, behavior and application.
  • Creativity:- The university paves the way to incentive university environment based on intellectual creativity and creative behavior particularly in scientific research and administration.
  • Academic freedom:- The university encourages exploration openness and dealing with other.
  • Transparency:- The university is committed to clarity and dealings and procedures and supporting the requirements of questioning and honesty.

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